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Art Trade w/Princesspuma by Aqua-the-decepticon Art Trade w/Princesspuma :iconaqua-the-decepticon:Aqua-the-decepticon 2 5 Get those off... by Aqua-the-decepticon Get those off... :iconaqua-the-decepticon:Aqua-the-decepticon 0 3 One ride by Aqua-the-decepticon One ride :iconaqua-the-decepticon:Aqua-the-decepticon 0 3 Is that an angel I see? by Aqua-the-decepticon Is that an angel I see? :iconaqua-the-decepticon:Aqua-the-decepticon 1 8 Special Occasion by Aqua-the-decepticon Special Occasion :iconaqua-the-decepticon:Aqua-the-decepticon 3 8 DS - Alba and Azel by Aqua-the-decepticon DS - Alba and Azel :iconaqua-the-decepticon:Aqua-the-decepticon 4 8 DS - Brothers and Sisters by Aqua-the-decepticon DS - Brothers and Sisters :iconaqua-the-decepticon:Aqua-the-decepticon 6 14 Trying something out by Aqua-the-decepticon Trying something out :iconaqua-the-decepticon:Aqua-the-decepticon 8 15 Rua by Aqua-the-decepticon Rua :iconaqua-the-decepticon:Aqua-the-decepticon 4 0 Angel by Aqua-the-decepticon Angel :iconaqua-the-decepticon:Aqua-the-decepticon 11 5 Fedora 2016 by Aqua-the-decepticon Fedora 2016 :iconaqua-the-decepticon:Aqua-the-decepticon 9 6 The Fedo by Aqua-the-decepticon The Fedo :iconaqua-the-decepticon:Aqua-the-decepticon 6 11 Gift for Pumzie by Aqua-the-decepticon Gift for Pumzie :iconaqua-the-decepticon:Aqua-the-decepticon 5 4 Share the World by Aqua-the-decepticon Share the World :iconaqua-the-decepticon:Aqua-the-decepticon 8 7 A pretty face by Aqua-the-decepticon A pretty face :iconaqua-the-decepticon:Aqua-the-decepticon 7 3 Fireflies by Aqua-the-decepticon Fireflies :iconaqua-the-decepticon:Aqua-the-decepticon 6 8
DB: SonaxCanon by The-GreenGoblin Original Characters Stamp by nitchzombie My oc... by Atlanta-Hammy OC x Canon stamp by ARTic-Weather OC x Canon stamp by LordPendragonOfCaria OC and Canon Friendship stamp by LordPendragonOfCaria OC Stamp by ChibiGem Fan Character Stamp by queen-of-pie OC stamp by TammyHTF Anti-anti stamp by herhinney To  the idiots... by Venetia-TH

*See/Open it (instead of 'view it').

I'd gladly invite you to have a look but in here there isn't really something that spectacular. I just rarely post stuff, that is all :) Also on this gallery there is all I deem 'good enough', so some concepts (especially relating to OCs) may be left out on other, less-good doodles.

I keep most of what I do to myself, as of now. However all of what I post ( least recently) is thought thoroughly, especially if we are talking about OCs. I'd rather not have criticism consisting of insults based on the sole "CanonXOC" thing (most likely if it's immediately flagged as a 'marysue' for that), so if that is what you are going for better not post it, as I do not have the desire to hear from you how much my OCs suck to your pov. Rather if you spot some typos in my writing or some inconsistencies here and there tell me, I'll gladly correct them or note why they are there :)
I'm making this clear now so if one desires to stumble upon my gallery won't have to deal with this in the future.

Have a good day ^_^


High Voltage Update
Happy Friday,
Well, depending where you are located, it probably isn't even Friday! However, in my area, it's Friday, so... HAPPY FRIDAY XD! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, depending on where you live at. I haven't done a real update on the series in a long time, so I want to give you guys an update on what's going on with the series and what I am currently working on. Let's get started :)
I am not really big on talking about my personal life outside of High Voltage, but just know that life has been keeping me on my toes! In regards to my life outside of High Voltage, I am in the process of moving. I am not moving to a different country or a different state (I'm located in Dallas, Texas for anyone that is curious). I am trying to find an apartment/condo/house that is reasonable within my area! It seems like the cost of living has gone up everywhere, and I have been trying to save money and be fiscally responsible, which isn't always easy. That's pretty much why I put Hi
:iconh-voltage:H-Voltage 1 1
THE PERFECT QUARTZ by Artiquer THE PERFECT QUARTZ :iconartiquer:Artiquer 6 6 The Cryomancer (League of Legends AU) by Artiquer The Cryomancer (League of Legends AU) :iconartiquer:Artiquer 7 3 After the Horror night by Fairloke After the Horror night :iconfairloke:Fairloke 20 10 - You cannot hurt us.... by Fairloke - You cannot hurt us.... :iconfairloke:Fairloke 35 26 + A kiss from a Fairloke + by Fairloke + A kiss from a Fairloke + :iconfairloke:Fairloke 37 20 Jim and Melody by Fairloke Jim and Melody :iconfairloke:Fairloke 137 57
Mature content
Flash Photography (One Piece x Reader) AU :iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 98 65
Dijkstra - Gwent Card by akreon Dijkstra - Gwent Card :iconakreon:akreon 1,242 31 +P S Y C H O-L O V E+ by Fairloke +P S Y C H O-L O V E+ :iconfairloke:Fairloke 53 32 Venetia in Sonic Riders by Fairloke Venetia in Sonic Riders :iconfairloke:Fairloke 51 45 The Power Within by Fairloke The Power Within :iconfairloke:Fairloke 95 46
Sand in the Wind (Crocodile x Reader) PRIZE
WARNING: For allusions to physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Nothing explicit though.

You had thought that the sight of Dressrosa disappearing into the distance would have elicited a stronger reaction from you. But now, looking upon the island that had been your home for the last five years, you felt nothing. The kingdom may have been paradise at its surface, but the secrets you were privy to as a prisoner of the Donquixote family could bring the country to its knees.
And you would do everything within your power to see it happen. You held no love for its lush flower fields and balmy weather, and even less for its king—the man who’s fingers you still felt crawling across your skin at night, who’s seed was even now growing inside you like a parasite. The bruises on your skin would fade with time, but the wounds to your psyche would remain with you forever.
You flinched as the weight of a heavy fur coat dropped onto your shoulders. Crocodile’s
:iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 80 22
Coco Bandicoot (DEMO) Game by Fairloke Coco Bandicoot (DEMO) Game :iconfairloke:Fairloke 19 29 It's OK... by Fairloke It's OK... :iconfairloke:Fairloke 48 38 GARNET by Fairloke GARNET :iconfairloke:Fairloke 181 55
Art from friends, art about stuff I'm obsessed... No folders because I'm lazy...Yeah, those are my favorites. XD


Art Trade w/Princesspuma
And here it is sis, finally complete~
A drawing of :iconprincesspuma:'s lovely Naruto OCs Teruko and Hisako :3

Since my phone likes to be a dick when taking photos, here are a few more details
please check them out since I think these photos came out better lol

and if the detail of the photo doesn't appeal to you enough sis I'll find a way to boot up my scanner :heart:

I tried my best to draw them, hope you like :heart:


Drawing : me
Teruko and Hisako : :iconprincesspuma:
Get those off...
Hey it's these two again. Just recently looked up the birth flowers for these two and I wanted to draw them with them, tho I thought simple bouquets would be kinda boring so.... yeah I totally overdid it :D
Also Kolya is allergic to pollen so you can totally see why he would feel a little bit uneasy around all those flowers lol and of course Fedo doesn't remember....but she eventually will when he'll get his snot everywhere.

Drawing : me
Kolya and Fedora : me
One ride
Might move it in sketches later. And yet still some KolyaDora to prove that I'm alive. C:
I like how the expressions came out , to think this was supposed to be a very cute drawing....then I remembered Kolya is slightly out of shape and Fedora weights about 70 kilos lol and is afraid of heights
Not much else to say except that while it's not perfect I like it quite a bit~

Drawing : me
Kolya and Fedora : Me
Just finished "The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt"... hands down best game ever. It even beat "Dragon Age : Inquisition" for me, I always found something to keep me interested, always :heart: must play the dlc
Just as the title says :3 to my Catholic friends a Happy Easter and to my Orthodox and atheist and other friends a good day~
My best wishes to everyone of you out there :3

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