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Epic Mickey - Favorite Gremlins by Aqua-the-decepticon Epic Mickey - Favorite Gremlins by Aqua-the-decepticon
...Lol the three main ones, of course. In order they're :
-3d Jamface :iconjamfaceplz:
-2nd Gus :icongremlingusplz:
-1st Pressy XD Prescott :iconprescottplz:
I guess the main reason I like Jamface is his French Accent. I have a thing for those XD And his violet suit reminds me of...Waluuu = D ///SHOT
Gus has been on screen since the first game, and I like both his previous and his present voice. He fills a "teacher/guide" role, and does it pretty well.
Now now, did I mention I prefer "bad/complicated/complex" characters over the others? Well, Prescott fits that model. He is the only gremlin (that I seen so far) to actually act sarcastic to Mickey and Oswald. Also, he is not quite "evil", but vengeful. That makes him complex. I am fond of him because of all that happened in the game...*SPOILAHS! FOR WHO HASN'T PLAYED THE GAME -->* I mean, look. He was convinced by the Doc Dickface Mad Doc on turning on his friends and just when he was REALISING that he did wrong and was about to redeem himself...Tadaah, that stupid bitch Mad Doctor arrives with a Bettleworx and hypnotizes him. If I was more emotional than I am, I would've cried in rage at the part where he sings and says the false confession. Then, anyone except Gus of course belives that he was working with the Doc!!! I mean, it was SO obvious. And, didn't ANYONE notice the swirls in his eyes??? Come on! And, Oswald, he mentioned a "he". Who would you think it was? Jamface? O-o Talk 'bout stupid rabbit moment. --Anyways, guess what happens at the end of the game. Prescott is kidnapped by the Petes! :( Poor boy.
*RANT ENDED. XD* However, other things that I love 'bout Prescott are his voice and his look. He is pretty unusual C=

And that's it. Gremlins are fun to draw! XD

Drawing : Me
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SnowstormMage Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So awesome!
Aqua-the-decepticon Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013
Thank you!! ^^
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March 29, 2013
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