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Epic Mickey - Brothers by Aqua-the-decepticon Epic Mickey - Brothers by Aqua-the-decepticon
Ok. I'm in a HUGE Epic Mickey/Disney mode right now. dammit Epic Mickey 2 coming out for pc on 26th April here...I'm so angry. XD
In the pic, you has my Blotling from and the False Shadow Blot. For understanding, piece of fandom down here!
In my fandom, the Blot is yes dead, but the False Shadow Blot isn't. I live in Blot Alley, and sometimes get visited by the False Shadow Blot, who I renamed "Phantom" (from the ORIGINAL villain, "Phantom Blot"). I'll join Mickey and Oswald later in the adventure (when they're searching for Prescott in Blot Alley, to be precise), and I'll be retiring on Mickeyjunk Mountain later.
and that was for the story. Other things to mention is that for my obvious resamblance of the Shadow Blot and for helping him and being spawned by him in the first game everyone -except a few people- hates me. The only few people that don't hate me are Ghost Ian, Gus, Oswald , Mickey and Gremlin Prescott. To talk about Prescott, he actually has a crush on me, but I do not notice it. You'll see in a drawing I'll post XD
Another thing I must mention is about the original Shadow Blot, whom my persona had and has an attachment to. Since, as I saw in the cutscenes, the Guardians could make the Mad Doc a toon, and the Blot is made by paint and thinner...Could the fusion of a Tint (Paint guardian) and a Turp (Thinner Guardian) turn out to "resurrect" the Blot? I think that could work.
What I wrote above here may turn in a fanfiction...I dunno. XD that crap in background is supposed to be a guardian pool XD

Oh, before ending this description I must mention some things about Epic Mickey 2. It looks like an awesome game, with awesome voices and all...Guess who's the one I hate the most? Tadaaa, the Mad Doctor. I still hate him...FIRST HE SINGS THEN....THEN...
Prescottttttttt! ;o; Poor Gremlin...He ended in prison instead of that d*ckface and then, what does Oswald say before Pete brings him away and after Prescott mentioned of a certain "he"? "I guess that Prescott was working alone" . And, towards the end of the game "I can't believe the Doc lied to me!" . Stupid rabbit -.-"
I swear I'm going to thin that b*tch out once I get the game.
End of the rant! =3

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March 28, 2013
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