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DB: SonaxCanon by The-GreenGoblin Original Characters Stamp by nitchzombie Anti-hate OC stamp by Phardil My oc... by Atlanta-Hammy OC x Canon stamp by ARTic-Weather OC x Canon stamp by Chrysalislover OC and Canon Friendship stamp by Chrysalislover OC Stamp by ChibiGem Fan Character Stamp by queen-of-pie OC stamp by TammyHTF

*See/Open it (instead of 'view it').

I'd gladly invite you to have a look but in here there isn't really something that spectacular. I just rarely post stuff, that is all :)

I keep most of what I do to myself, as of now. However all of what I post ( least recently) is thought thoroughly, especially if we are talking about OCs. I'd rather not have criticism consisting of insults based on the sole "CanonXOC" thing (most likely if it's immediately flagged as a 'marysue' for that), so if that is what you are going for better not post it, as I do not have the desire to hear from you how much my OCs suck to your pov. Rather if you spot some typos in my writing or some inconsistencies here and there tell me, I'll gladly correct them or note why they are there :)
I'm making this clear now so if one desires to stumble upon my gallery won't have to deal with this in the future.

Have a good day ^_^


Art from friends, art about stuff I'm obsessed... No folders because I'm lazy...Yeah, those are my favorites. XD
My friends, please welcome to deviantart my first friend in my new classmate, Dimitra! :iconnerdfighter-owo: for she has joined deviantArt to bestow upon us all her talent in traditional drawing coloring!
...And just so I could annoy her, presumibly :XD: Just kidding. She's awesome. and she knows it.


I'm keeping this journal rather short. But this is about it :3 Oh, also I bought some other Batman Comic and just cringing because the Riddler doesn't look as good as I've seen him in the Arkham Series...Eddie why?!
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My name is Roberta, but call me Fedora or Fedo (even if no one does apparently). I'm the kind of deviant that draws a lot more than she posts, but that's simply because none of what I draw I find good enough to post yet *inferiority complexion much?*, or either I'm afraid my scanner ruins it u_u

I'm by far a good listener, and I like to rp, altho I am not always available. I like to chat with people and discuss, all in good fun :)
True enough I can be touchy and argumentative, but I always think carefuly before replying to peopl, so not to make a fool out of me. While on the whole I can be considered liek one who acts 'mature' (or so I believe), I admit I have a few immature traits, one of them being that I by now not accept critiques. It's maybe gonna change but for all the 'critic/trolling' that I've seen, I'd rather pass. Still, I accept a few suggestions now and then.

I like pairing ocs and personas with canon characters, as for me it's fun and a way to reason about things I create (it's been a long time since the last time I created an oc and posted without sufficent reasoning). If someone doesn't like ocs or this fact, I'm still open to talk to said deviant but, much like about everything, I'd rather not talk about the oc matter. This is just an example, as prt of my philosophy is this : you disagree on something? Cool, don't talk about it and move on to stuff you can agree on.
Part of said philosophy goes however for stuff that people CATEGORICALLY DISAGREE on. It would still be nice to see different points of view, then if neither of the parts can find something true in what the other said, move on to stuff on which you can agree.
I just don't like arguing, see my point? :)

Also I am kind of a 'lurker', meaning that I don't show up on other's pages (unless we count faving in) unless it's something I feel the urge to comment. And after a rather bad experience, I don't tend to show on those 'OH MY GOSH I HATE MY LIFE I'M GONNA KILL MYSELF NOBODY LOVES ME ADIOIAHIOADSHAS' journals anymore. Mostly because about 100% of the times I tried reasoning with these people I just got plainly insulted a few times, got unreasonable talking, and the next day it was ALL ok.
Actually nevermind, I know that depression is a serious problem, but I ran so much into these things URGH... I don't wanna deal with that. Personally I myself felt a little bit depressed, but heck, in those few journals I mentioned that I was more preoccupied of stating that I wasn't going to commit suicide or all of that. Suicide isn't solution to depression problem.

Onto the other stuff, I'm sarcastic, I swear a lot, I put 'XD's in my replies a lot (I take use of this opportunity to tell ya this : the XD-thing is more of a habit than anything, and while I know it symbolizes laughter, I tend to use it as a way to represent my constant smile) and, forgive how rude this is, but I'm a pussy. I mean it, I get scared at fictional shit easily. So keep horror stuff away from me!! ...and also chainletters. I can stand 'well meaning' ones, but I can't stand those others. Last time someone sent me one on whatsapp (sorta messenger for phones and tablets) I politely said that I didn't want those and what I got back? "GO TO A CLINIC/ASYLUM" (in italian it's "Ricoverati!", it all depends on how you see it), after I insisted for the second time I didn't want it, since the person's first reply was 'Geesh it's just a chainletter what's the prob?" . So yeah, keep those away from me.

Despite being straight, I like yuri. I think it was just because of the overdose of yaoi (which is SO everywhere my body can't take it anymore.--DISCLAIMER : I don't like yaoi. I won't say 'hate it' because it's a strong word. BUT even so I have nothing against gay people or people who like yaoi. Just...keep it away from me, as I already avoid it as much as I can...) that I went to it's opposite extreme.

I am fluent in italian (duh, it's my native language! XD) and we could say that I'm almost equivalently good in english (...only a little problem with some verbs. Just a little one). I can speak a little spanish, know just a few words in japanese (bu beware, I have a travel dictionary of japanese in my room! I can ask where alitalia is! ... and also where my mother/father/brother/grandma/granpa are. ) and I'm gonna lean latin and greek (ancient greek. Go liceo XD) :3

I hate creepypasta but not all of the fans by NintendoFan2468: and now that I got this out of the way, that's about it from me :) Have fun!

ID by :iconlunaezomi:


STAMP: free to ship, tough luck by corgicakes OC-Appreciation Icon by ClefairyKid Always on Vacation by Zimmette-Stock Original Characters Stamp by nitchzombie I don't know you enough. by PrincessFlaw I listen to music a lot by MissNooy Love Music Stamp by Shinji-Sama too sensitive stamp by izka197 I Talk to Myself Stamp by Latias-Flyer Anti-hate OC stamp by Phardil My oc... by Atlanta-Hammy OC x Canon stamp by ARTic-Weather OC x Canon stamp by Chrysalislover OC and Canon Friendship stamp by Chrysalislover OC Stamp by ChibiGem Fan Character Stamp by queen-of-pie OC stamp by TammyHTF The Internet Stamp by The-Art-Godess Critique Stamp by LhuneArt
Stamp: Self-insert does not always mean Mary-Sue. by Catthylove - I had...around four years to give myself this belief : as long as you don't overdo what you do, spend time working around your character (and write something down for it, no matter how similar it can be to you. --I do have characters that share traits with me, but more often than not they have quite a bit of differences from me. Simply because describing myself is hard to me, so it comes natural) and accept that there's a multiple of fanstories out there, and so don't go 'BUZZ OFF [insert canonc haracter here] IZ MAIN!' (we could call it a 'multiverse'.), all self-inserts, and by extention OCs, are good. Personally I debate myself a lot on wherether or not posting a pic of an OC, especially when introducing a new one... I work around them a good while. I don't just go 'there, pair it with canon and TADAH, I MADE OC!'. The canonxoc couples are something I generally add, they're not my OCs main characteristics. I try not to make them flat. But of course, we all have different opinions on what we do, and if exposed politely all of them are welcome. Some may not like something, some may. However I cleared a lot about this up the stamps of course.


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V1S0R103 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Artist
hey sis, I wanted to update you a bit, 
1- sorry for leaving you in wondering when the fuck i'll get off my lazy but and finish our collab!
2- I wanted to tell you the reason it's so late is because I at least want to finish TFP swoop head design so then I can get at least a good idea of what he look like in the finish!
3- you know how people do meme's of how they want a voice actor to voice this character, well, if I ever did that, of course Greg berger is the only grimlock, but i'm torn who'd be the better slag, the voice actor of ben 10 rath, or…
Aqua-the-decepticon Featured By Owner 5 days ago
1-It's not exactly like that, I was more windering where did you end up and when u were gonna come back. Da's lonely without u xD
2-I see, I'd like to see how it turned out
3-I promise I'll answer yiu later, now I'm in a hurry. I GOTTA GET TA SCHOOL AND I'M LATEE
But I wanted to answer ya first ♥ Jesus, Greek is waiting for me. And history, and some stuff idk
V1S0R103 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Artist
1-yeah, sorry for about that, BUT I SWEAR this easy year ain't turning out so easy! XDDD
2-you will, trust me, I've put too much time and effort into this so far to give up now!!!!
3- kay then, so, whatcha think?
yeah, kinda got this message before I went to school myself, but I decided to reply when I got home, which would be a now! XD
Aqua-the-decepticon Featured By Owner 5 days ago
1- Really? XD Because here we have a greek/italian teacher that gives of the feel that my previous italian teacher did. And it's been just a week and homework piles up D:

2-Very good! That's the spirit! Keep up! : D

3- I'm thinking... all I can say is that it depends on Slag's character. The voice for the Heavy for me fits more a character that is rather calm, or that has to be rather intimidating, while Rath's of course is for a guy who's easily irritated. I'm not entirely sure on Slag's personality so I can't exactly tell XD
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transformersfan999 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hey waht's up sis?
Aqua-the-decepticon Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014
Hey sis! Preparing for school, which is upon me. Urrghhh. What about u? :)
transformersfan999 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I started school Thursday last week. I've been alright, other than fangirling about blitzwing (nothing new there)
Aqua-the-decepticon Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014
On the 'fangirling' side I have been pretty divided between series, except for two cinstant characters. One of them being Jervis Tetch. Nothing new there for the past week xD
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V1S0R103 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Student Artist
hey sis, i saw this vid and i thought you may want to see it, also, his reactions are the exact same as my reactions! XDDD…
Aqua-the-decepticon Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
Isn't it a bit long..? XD
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