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*See/Open it (instead of 'view it').

I'd gladly invite you to have a look but in here there isn't really something that spectacular. I just rarely post stuff, that is all :) Also on this gallery there is all I deem 'good enough', so some concepts (especially relating to OCs) may be left out on other, less-good doodles.

I keep most of what I do to myself, as of now. However all of what I post ( least recently) is thought thoroughly, especially if we are talking about OCs. I'd rather not have criticism consisting of insults based on the sole "CanonXOC" thing (most likely if it's immediately flagged as a 'marysue' for that), so if that is what you are going for better not post it, as I do not have the desire to hear from you how much my OCs suck to your pov. Rather if you spot some typos in my writing or some inconsistencies here and there tell me, I'll gladly correct them or note why they are there :)
I'm making this clear now so if one desires to stumble upon my gallery won't have to deal with this in the future.

Have a good day ^_^


Art from friends, art about stuff I'm obsessed... No folders because I'm lazy...Yeah, those are my favorites. XD


Collab (unfinished?) - I'd rather be with you... by Aqua-the-decepticon
Collab (unfinished?) - I'd rather be with you...
...than with anybody else in the world. --quote from somewhere I don't know.
Yay first collab with :iconnerdfighter-owo: ! XD I say unfinished because she may be finishing this lining/shade work? Not sure. Check out her gallery, she's got few pics, but her coloring is stunning (this is not even a GLIMPSE of she can do, and I should know as I am her classmate! XD) also, yeah yeah I know this ain't a clean sheet, but you gotta understand we did this in (Religion) Class, and on my diary, so bare with that.
BeforeI actually give some other insight, I'll tell ya the title (that continues in the description) was written by Nerdfighter-owo. It is a pretty cheesy line and doesn't actually totally fit with my reality (as honestly my life doesn't revolve around that guy. At all.), but Nerd BEGGED ME WITH PUPPY EYES to put it there so yeah, totally her fault if unfortunate implications come across. XD
now, as for who those two are, of course one is Fedo (and if you didn't know that's me by now, gosh. XD), while the other is Xia (abbreviation for 'Xiamante', nickname. Please those who know who he is I prefer you to call him by him nickname but not by his first name thank you. XD), aka 'the guy that Fedo has a crush on and that her parents think is an idiot and that bro (:iconv1s0r103:) doesn't seem to hold up in much sympathy either" :XD: such lousy tastes I've got. But I'll stick with my 'choices' ((I have no chance in the first place so yay. hestoohandsometoturnhiseyestoacreepyidiotlikeme)) owo

hope you like, and hope this ain't gonna be the ladt collab you'll see from us (otherwise you'd think this is the best we can do, which isn't true! XD)
Drawing : me and :iconnerdfighter-owo:
Ben 10 Omniverse - Miriam Cole, the Myriadhawti by Aqua-the-decepticon
Ben 10 Omniverse - Miriam Cole, the Myriadhawti
Kinda-sorta gift to :iconlilicartman:, as I had attempted to design a human form in Omniverse of her OC and it didn't come out too well. So, to make it better, I brought to Omniverse her alien form instead! :) I didn't make too many tweaks with her design, except giving her feet only two fingers (which actually was an error as I drew this at school and when I went to color it I already lined it) and added some longer blue feathers on her arms. Her beak was also shortened, but more for convenience than anything. Here's the original UAF-based pic of my friend <da:thumb id="397363010">

Seen the events of "Omniverse" I am guessing her history has kinda need for change, but as it is her OC and not mine I won't land my fingers on it without permission or inputs from the original artist :) And as the AU I generally follow has to do with all the aliens having followed the same fate of the Ultimate Forms (in the UA episode "The Ultimate Sacrifice") and Ghostfreak (without being EEEE-VUL), call me crazy :iconlilicartman:, but of all the aliens I see ASTRODACTYL having a thing for Miriam (yeah, with Aisu already trying to flirt with her this ain't gonna end well :XD:). I don't know why, I just do XD It's one of those cute crackships that come to your mind when you are drawing. Of course, she'll have the last word on this one u_u

By the way, yes, this isn't a "clean" sheet of paper as it has 'writing lines' on it, but I drew this on my diary/notebook during class so I didn't have much of a choice.

Drawing : Me

Ben 10 Omniverse : Derrick J. Wyatt

Miriam Cole : :iconlilicartman:
Ben 10 doodles - Mini-batch by Aqua-the-decepticon
Ben 10 doodles - Mini-batch
I noticed I -kinda- forgot making more info for Selene. D: Actually I didn't, but all this time I believed I had dropped the information on a past deviation, so, my bad. There's also another doodle for ya up there.
So, as usual :
Right doodle
I have beed rebating a LOT on Selene's design under the cape, and as of now I settled with this one. Btw that's not a skirt, it's like what Aqua wears at her sides here… . I tried making it more evident but the pen doesn't show up on the black D: Phisically, she's a liiiittle bit more in shape, looking less like an anorexic scarecrow and more like your avarage slim person ((you can thank Bruce and Winterborn for that. XD)). I also show here that she has wings on her back.
With time she's the one that has drifted the most apart from her group; her personality is still pretty much the same reclused one, altho she's showing signs of opening up. She's definitely more at ease with Bruce than with anyone else, and considers Winterborn a friend.
Story-wise she hasn't met Lord Transyl yet but heard of him; she's planning to move away from Marina's ship, but has yet to make a decision as she's still afraid of the crowd turning on her. She's practically dating Bruce (and I say 'practically' before neither of them seems to understand that, as me and :iconv1s0r103: came to know XD).  She's less scarily skinny because she has learned to 'feed with moderation' from her peers. Secretly, she'd still like to eat a Transylian, since it is the only one 'tradition' of the Vladats she cannot know fully about without making it. Still, the Vladats that are left have obviously abandoned their predatory nature, and she's afraid of losing her dears by doing so, so she won't do it.

Left Doodle
Pandora, Plutonium and Pandora's suit. As I mentioned, she isn't fond of neither of the suits, even tho she at least got to have a more agile model of containment suit (in truth the only reason because she keeps that one is that she hopes someone can break it). I imagine this scene occurring sometime before a mission, with NRG having her wear her smaller containment suit then showing her the other one. Of course she doesn't take it too good, but NRG can't do anything but be patient about it :XD: Plutonium never wore a suit or anything, so he's just inspecting the suit.

Also, I have been working on a 'headcannon document', so here it is...well, part of it, as the preface states I'll be updating regularily ---> Ben 10 Headcanon Documen2  Feel free to check it out. :) Or not :XD:
Also, guess who's got new pencil colors? :la:

Drawing : Me

Selene; Pandora; Plutonium : Me

Document : Me

Winterborn : :iconluckycavy117:

Bruce : :iconv1s0r103:

Ben 10 Omniverse : Derrick J. Wyatt
Ben 10 doodles - Batch 4 by Aqua-the-decepticon
Ben 10 doodles - Batch 4
And this is the last of the 'revamp' batches. If others are coming they're just doodles of ideas and new concepts althogether. Wit this I think I finished 'revamping' all of my old B10 OCs. If I forgot anyone please tell me, so I'll see if I have to revise them in anyway ^_^

Upper doodle; Left
Coral's son, Ocean, and his uncle, Blue. Blue was just mentioend once and was described on a link to the text on, so I'll bring others up to speed : following an accident when he was younger, he had been risen in Galvan Prime in a regen tube, which had the side effect of slowing down his growth, body-wise. So he's literally 'older than he looks'. While the Galvans have taught him everything they could in his tube (basic knowledge), he isn't exactly 'mature' in personality : think of him as a teenager by all aspects...except for chronological age. Designing his body I decided to take the 'hoodie' concept of his headshot to full percent, so I tried my best to model his exoskeleton to give at least some semblance of a hoodie. To the date, he has just finished basic training to use his abilities on Hydrosia, and wants to take off an an adventure, and become a 'hero'. Of course he's got more excitement than anything.
Ocean on the other hand (despite not looking like so in this pic, my bad!) has grown to look like the avarage Orishan (really similar to Bivalvan, in fact). He is still taller than Marina, but bulkier, as a male Orishan would be. He's thus far one of the most damaged young Orishans you'll ever see : due to his eagerness to experiment when creating new products to manifacture, he has more than once accidentally made explosive concoctions, so his exoskeleton is ridden with scars, most notably signs of an explosion on his chest and various scars on his arms. His exoskeleton has also gone darker due to 'absorbing' the black power that eventually came out explosions (which came to make it harder, considering the fact that it was already made by tough minerals). He uses the natural visor that Orishans have a lot to avoid damaging his face, and the googles he has on his head are just for precision work; around his neck he has a piece of cloth that he uses for cleaning up some of the dirt that comes from the experiments gone wrong (here it's dirty, but he washes it regularily).He hasn't changed much in personality, except for now investigating more on the whereabouts of his clients. He is still an approachable guy who spends most of his time in his laboratory as the science nut he is, but he's also respected. He tends to not believe into things unless he sees them, and can be very skeptical, but on the other hand if he sees something that he thinks is real (for example something that seems a scientific marvel) it's very likely he'll be fooled in believing it, unless it's something that is very similar to what he has seen before. He can be also really stubborn, refusing not to let on an experiment until he's through with it. As of now, he has refused the chance to work in a Plumber lab (as he already is a Plumber but in premature retirement that wouldn't have been much of a problem), and for business and whatnot, has moved onto a spaceship, so he can visit his homeplanet or others whenever he wants or needs to. His manifacturing business is going pretty well. He spends some of his time with his girlfriend, "le Seisme" (of whom I'll talk further down), and some time even with his uncle, Blue.

Upper doodle; Right
And yay, K'ami, Marina's childhood friend is back. XD He has phisically grown to look like an avarage Geochelone Aerio, but I decided to take some liberties with the position -and the number- of the holes on his chest and the design of his head, making a mark that looks like beard for reasons. He is still really calm and actually the one that is most lead to think things through : he is willing to give people the benefit of doubt and is really observant. He can keep calm even when OCEAN can't (say, when Ocean notices something that might look like a scientific marvel K'ami might notice it's just a trick or an illusion). He is also determined, and still deep down believes Marina has some good. On the other side, he may think about stuff WAY too much, and result really indecisive about some things. If he has a strong ethical belief, it's really unlikely that you'll make him stop belive that. As of now, he has finished his school on Aldrabra and his training under Terraspin, so he has decided to do what the others do on Aldrabra, but eventually sometime leave to see his friends. He tries to promote new ideas in discussions, like 'lying by simply not telling the full truth when time calls' and learning how to use their power to fight. He is intrigued in learning magic, like Adwaita did.
In the pic he's shocked for some reason...perhaps he's met LAURA. XDD (see below)

Lower doodle; Right
Before I start I'll point out that I have to change her name. For now, I'll call her "Le Seisme" (in French "the Earthquake") as a nickname, possibly given to her by French people when she visited Earth on mission once. One of the toughest of her group, she's a plumber under the cover job of road worker.
Phisically she has grown to have a more feminine build (even tho she's still pretty big, as a male Talpaedan would be); her physical condition is top notch, having handled through the course of her life fighting, and digging. Before getting her current cover job she had went on to work in a mine on Terraexcava, after studying geology back home. Then she had gotten her training, and she's where she is now. Generally seen as 'scary' due to her general intimidating appearance, her build and the way she looks at people she doesn't know, her pet of choice doesn't help : Laura, her Slamworm, brings her both praise and constant scared looks. Taming a predator is not an easy feat, that is why everyone, including her friends, sometimes give her look of fear or disbelief (Ocean especially is constantly scared of the beast turning on his girlfriend :XD:). Laura was the Slamworm constantly after her family, and while some may think Le Seisme befriended it with care, they'll be sorely disappointed to find out that only after a FIGHT they had started to 'bond'. And only after she found out Slamworms' diets were made of the components that were found yes in talpaedans, but also into the ground (such as metals, like their biological armor) and smaller animals (their 'flesh'). Thinking it might've been better to grow defense against further attacks she started 'feeding' Laura the components and had began training her, under great opposition from her parents, who later decided to help in the ordeal. It surely proved to be useful.
As of now, regarding she personality, she's still surly and rather straightforward; she has high distrust of strangers and if someone doesn't "feel right to her" she might keep looking at them in a different way until proven otherwise. If she observes someone hurting someone else, she'll surely remember that. She can also be laconic, and prefers to deal her problems on her own, without help, from anyone. There is actually a softer, better side to her that only some can see (as if everyone was able to see it, she'd result 'vunerable' to them) : around her friends she's more soft spoken, more patient and takes more time to decide if to scrub someone off; she can actually be caring and is willing to make a sacrifice if one she cares about is in danger. If teamwork is required, she'll gladly help out and she has been proven to feel some sort of 'brotherhood' with her fellow co-workers at the mine. Only downside is, as I mentioned, this other side comes off sporadically and only to a few people. She isn't likely to change that.

Lower doodle; Left
Aah, I tried to draw in Omniverse style :iconlilicartman:'s OC Miriam, but it didn't come as good as it should've been, so forgive me please :XD: And the one next to her is Aisu (spelled "Ice", with a 'longer'-spelled 'ce'. A japanese pronounce, practically.)
Phisically he has few to no changes, he's just bigger and the fins on his back are lenghtier. His personality hasn't changed much either, or rather 'matured' (in a rather 'odd' way actually) : he is still a ladies-man, but now believes that as he's older he should count more on 'how beautiful he is' rather than 'how cute he is' to get some score on the ladies. Most ladies still laugh at him or think he's adorable, thus ignoring whatever lameness he says, while others may be put in a rather awkward position, like Miram here :XD: Which in her case is justified as, you know, she's a human and a giant blue lizard is flirting with her XDD
He isn't as much of a deluded fool as before tho, and actually can take the hint if someone doesn't like him. He is still a friend of Ocean's, and often joins him by his side when a fight is required. As of now he is trying to get a job on his planet, but in the mean time he tries to help Ocean out with collecting stuff or freezing stuff in his lab. He had once considered to become a Plumber, but scratched the idea because it wasn't "the kinda stuff he wanted to do for his life".

Hope you enjoyed :) And sorry for the ginormus description again XDD
Drawing : Me
K'Ami, Marina, Ocean, Coral, Blue, Pearl, Coel, Le Seisme, Aisu, Laura : Me

Ben 10 Omniverse : Derrick J. Wyatt
Ben 10 doodles - Batch 3 by Aqua-the-decepticon
Ben 10 doodles - Batch 3
And yay for another batch. Here I try to bring in some new concepts, as usual :) Hope you enjoy ^^

Upper doodle; Left
Ooooh I watched too much 'Breakpoint', I can tell. XDD Anyway, those are Rade and Marina wearing an ID mask....disguised as a bro :XD: My idea is that she does know Fistrick and eventually goes to his gym 'brojo' now and then, but when time calls to steal stuff from him she has to go undercover...and in prediction of that time, enter this disguise.
On the subject, Marina can't easily stand Fistrick, as his 'bro' talk generally annoys her (that, and she thinks someone just cannot call her 'sis' without being properly acquainted, and her actual permission) and she doesn't deem him the sharpest knife in the drawer. On the other hand, Fistrick actually likes her (in a bro sense as usual).
As for the disguise, Rade made it, which brings us to her. Calmest of the group, she's Marina's right hand woman, and actually the biggest among the four, and quite possibly the strongest (think of her as the 'powerhouse'). She's level headed and formal, and leads Marina's will without questioning it...or rather, without making the other two question it. All things considered, she's not violent, despite her intimidating figure. Marina carries her along sometimes just to scare her dealers.

Upper doodle; Right
Remember the teacher of my younger OCs? Well I brought her back, and added a couple of guys to stand as family :) I made them wear proto-armor/Rooter armor for no specific reason, other than it looks pretty class. Plus, I assume they'll make it available...someday?
At any rate, Wen Digo, after the timeskip, still remains a Plumber teacher. She is still one of the few that left Revonnah, but actually did it in secrecy after she learned Revonnah Kai. She still strongly denies absolute justice and promotes an ethic of training based on balance of inner and outer strenght, and also meditation. She does have great respect for Rook Blonko and his deeds.
The guy on her right is Chord, an Incursean (a healthy Incursean in this case), and Wen Digo's fiancee. He is a pilot and also a spaceship-fixer in the Plumbers. While being fit he's still smaller than Bullfrag when it comes to muscles. While being righteous he has displayed some signs of cowardice, but never when Wen Digo's life was at stake. With time he's growing to be braver, but it's not exactly going fast. Still, he at least gives it his all.
And the kid over there is Kepler, an amalgam kid, half Galilean (Gravattack's species) and half human, who Wen Digo adopted and treats as her son. He was one that the Rooters didn't have time to recruit during their arc. He was found alone in the Null Void by Wen Digo, who took pity on him and brought him back to base. He still had no idea of who he was as Servantis erased his memory. Up to this day he's really fun lonving and excitable : loves pulling pranks and having fun. He sued to be really shy but learned to open up. He uses his powers to have fun and still sometimes makes quite a mess when fooling around with them. Chord doesn't trust him with them. At all. You can tell from his look, can't you? XD

Lower doodle; Left
A pretty pissed off Naella who, if you don't remember, is Coral's pet. What she's barking at now is Decagon, as she doesn't trust -for good reason- her new mechamorph enchancement. A mechamorph blob, she can't talk, and can't even spell her name (unlike Ship). Instead, she can make robotic sounds, and depending on the frequence and the intensity one can ell how she 'feels'. She's smaller than, say Anubian Baskurrs, and posesses the eneral abilities that mechamorph blobs have. She's extermely suspicious of newcomers and people she has never seen before in general, but really affectionate to Coral and her family.

Middle doodle
I doodled Pandora's parents so why not Coral's? Only this time this is a current doodle of Coel and Pearl. As I stated in a waaaaaaaaaay old pic, I reimagined the barnacle-thingies to come out on Orishans only when they're old (so Coral and Water Hazard don't have them here in this 'AU'), but it would only come natural that Peal and Coel have them.
With Pearl's redesign I wanted to borrow the 'spiky' effect of WH's new design, and so focused on that when drawing her 'hood'. I also changed her flower to a passionflower-like one for stylistic choices. To the day, encouraged by Ocean (who's coming in the NEXT batch! Cuz yep, there's more. XD), she has reprised her scientific endeavors, but only as a hobby, and generally spends time trying to get her much-needed relax.
With Coel's design I didn't do much change, except adding that necklace that was probably a gift given to him in youth. To the day he is a minor Orishan glass trader (hey, I heard it mentioned in 'Charm School'. Love that episode for mentioning not only Orishans, but also Talpaedans and Amperis!). Both of them are calm, and while Pearl is still non-violent, Coel is a bit more inclined to use force if necessary. They still have intense dislike for the Vreedles.

Lower doodle ; Right
Yet another character, a Chronian this time. Here the 'AU Factor' comes in play again, as I read on the Ben 10 wiki that 'in the main timeline Chronians don't exist'. I decided to rework that and make up an idea for the lack of Chronians in the B10 Universe : Just like how Crystalsapiens are believed to be a legend, so Chronians are. In truth, while Crystalsapiens still live on Mor'Otesi, the planet of the Chronians, Chronia, got stuck in a dimension outside of time as a consequence of the species' war against the Chronosapiens (Clockwork's species), who are now the only masters of time. Very few managed not to be isolated in the alternate dimension and still roam the space...
With that said, Lustrum is one of the few survivors. To design her I based my self on Eon -of course- and on Tali'Zorah (Mass Effect), especially the head. She's a calm soul, much like Ne'Misr...Or rather, she's more apatheic than 'calm'. She seems to watch everything with impartial eye, and doesn't fight unless it's for her personal gain. It takes something really effective to convince her to step by one's side. Generally she just keeps to herself, somewhere in space, but may appear beside Professor Paradox, who is trying to change her for the best. He may succeed if he gest past her apathy tho.

Hope you enjoyed, see ya next batch and SORRY FOR THE GINORMUS DESCRIPTION D:

Drawing : Me
Marina, Pearl, Blue,Ocean,Coel, Rade, Wen Digo, Chrod, Kepler, Naella, Lustrum :Me
Ben 10 Omniverse : Derrick J. Wyatt</s>
With that shitty fake-ass 'update yer flash player!' thing long ago, so yea, reposting from mah bro over here :iconv1s0r103:

"This isn't just some spread message that I copied and pasted just so the fellow deviant who started the message thread could have a good laugh.
This message is genuine and real. So please take notice!

There's a virus/hack going around DeviantaART and some of you may already have noticed it.
While viewing deviations or journals (activity may vary for others), a pop-up site will interrupt you with a fake ad claiming that you need to upload the newest version of flash player.
What ever you do, DON'T click on it! Just exit the page and continue on with your activities.
However, some people have been getting constantly spammed with this "ad" and have been really having a difficult time enjoying DeviantART.
So here is my request for all of you who read this:

1) Please help me find a solution to this problem so that we may be able to help deviants in the future.

2) If you can and feel the need to, please notify the site officials of this issue. If they get enough comments about this, maybe they'll try to do something about it (if they haven't already)

3) DON'T BECOME TEMPTED BY THE AD. Or we'll have a cybernetic zombie apocalypse on hand... You know how a virus/hack works!

Thank you to all of those who took the time to read this.
Please keep it in heavy mind, your virtual safety is my top concern at the moment!
If you feel the need to, go ahead and spread this message around!



EDIT : Bro left this in the comments, so yeah, get a load of this, too :

"(EDIT): Xain-Frost claims that she started having this problem after downloading madfire in attempts to use DeviantART's "create a motionbook" option!
Just as a precaution, avoid using that tool until the problem is resolved!"
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Aqua-the-decepticon's Profile Picture
My name is Roberta, but call me Fedora or Fedo (even if no one does apparently). I'm the kind of deviant that draws a lot more than she posts, but that's simply because none of what I draw I find good enough to post yet *inferiority complexion much?*, or either I'm afraid my scanner ruins it u_u

I'm by far a good listener, and I like to rp, altho I am not always available. I like to chat with people and discuss, all in good fun :)
True enough I can be touchy and argumentative, but I always think carefuly before replying to peopl, so not to make a fool out of me. While on the whole I can be considered liek one who acts 'mature' (or so I believe), I admit I have a few immature traits, one of them being that I by now not accept critiques. It's maybe gonna change but for all the 'critic/trolling' that I've seen, I'd rather pass. Still, I accept a few suggestions now and then.

I like pairing ocs and personas with canon characters, as for me it's fun and a way to reason about things I create (it's been a long time since the last time I created an oc and posted without sufficent reasoning). If someone doesn't like ocs or this fact, I'm still open to talk to said deviant but, much like about everything, I'd rather not talk about the oc matter. This is just an example, as prt of my philosophy is this : you disagree on something? Cool, don't talk about it and move on to stuff you can agree on.
Part of said philosophy goes however for stuff that people CATEGORICALLY DISAGREE on. It would still be nice to see different points of view, then if neither of the parts can find something true in what the other said, move on to stuff on which you can agree.
I just don't like arguing, see my point? :)

Also I am kind of a 'lurker', meaning that I don't show up on other's pages (unless we count faving in) unless it's something I feel the urge to comment. And after a rather bad experience, I don't tend to show on those 'OH MY GOSH I HATE MY LIFE I'M GONNA KILL MYSELF NOBODY LOVES ME ADIOIAHIOADSHAS' journals anymore. Mostly because about 100% of the times I tried reasoning with these people I just got plainly insulted a few times, got unreasonable talking, and the next day it was ALL ok.
Actually nevermind, I know that depression is a serious problem, but I ran so much into these things URGH... I don't wanna deal with that. Personally I myself felt a little bit depressed, but heck, in those few journals I mentioned that I was more preoccupied of stating that I wasn't going to commit suicide or all of that. Suicide isn't solution to depression problem.

Onto the other stuff, I'm sarcastic, I swear a lot, I put 'XD's in my replies a lot (I take use of this opportunity to tell ya this : the XD-thing is more of a habit than anything, and while I know it symbolizes laughter, I tend to use it as a way to represent my constant smile) and, forgive how rude this is, but I'm a pussy. I mean it, I get scared at fictional shit easily. So keep horror stuff away from me!! ...and also chainletters. I can stand 'well meaning' ones, but I can't stand those others. Last time someone sent me one on whatsapp (sorta messenger for phones and tablets) I politely said that I didn't want those and what I got back? "GO TO A CLINIC/ASYLUM" (in italian it's "Ricoverati!", it all depends on how you see it), after I insisted for the second time I didn't want it, since the person's first reply was 'Geesh it's just a chainletter what's the prob?" . So yeah, keep those away from me.

Despite being straight, I like yuri. I think it was just because of the overdose of yaoi (which is SO everywhere my body can't take it anymore.--DISCLAIMER : I don't like yaoi. I won't say 'hate it' because it's a strong word. BUT even so I have nothing against gay people or people who like yaoi. Just...keep it away from me, as I already avoid it as much as I can...) that I went to it's opposite extreme.

I am fluent in italian (duh, it's my native language! XD) and we could say that I'm almost equivalently good in english (...only a little problem with some verbs. Just a little one). I can speak a little spanish, know just a few words in japanese (bu beware, I have a travel dictionary of japanese in my room! I can ask where alitalia is! ... and also where my mother/father/brother/grandma/granpa are. ) and I'm gonna lean latin and greek (ancient greek. Go liceo XD) :3

I hate creepypasta but not all of the fans by NintendoFan2468: and now that I got this out of the way, that's about it from me :) Have fun!

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STAMP: free to ship, tough luck by corgicakes OC-Appreciation Icon by ClefairyKid Always on Vacation by Zimmette-Stock Original Characters Stamp by nitchzombie I don't know you enough. by PrincessFlaw I listen to music a lot by MissNooy Love Music Stamp by Shinji-Sama too sensitive stamp by izka197 I Talk to Myself Stamp by Latias-Flyer Anti-hate OC stamp by Phardil My oc... by Atlanta-Hammy OC x Canon stamp by ARTic-Weather OC x Canon stamp by Chrysalislover OC and Canon Friendship stamp by Chrysalislover OC Stamp by ChibiGem Fan Character Stamp by queen-of-pie OC stamp by TammyHTF The Internet Stamp by The-Art-Godess Critique Stamp by LhuneArt
Stamp: Self-insert does not always mean Mary-Sue. by Catthylove - I had...around four years to give myself this belief : as long as you don't overdo what you do, spend time working around your character (and write something down for it, no matter how similar it can be to you. --I do have characters that share traits with me, but more often than not they have quite a bit of differences from me. Simply because describing myself is hard to me, so it comes natural) and accept that there's a multiple of fanstories out there, and so don't go 'BUZZ OFF [insert canonc haracter here] IZ MAIN!' (we could call it a 'multiverse'.), all self-inserts, and by extention OCs, are good. Personally I debate myself a lot on wherether or not posting a pic of an OC, especially when introducing a new one... I work around them a good while. I don't just go 'there, pair it with canon and TADAH, I MADE OC!'. The canonxoc couples are something I generally add, they're not my OCs main characteristics. I try not to make them flat. But of course, we all have different opinions on what we do, and if exposed politely all of them are welcome. Some may not like something, some may. However I cleared a lot about this up the stamps of course.


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RavageXeno Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Visor isn't sure if he's told you or not, so he told me to tell you that his pc is still broken and beyond repair. But he should be getting his new one today.
Aqua-the-decepticon Featured By Owner 6 days ago
I have been told that such happened, but I didn't knpw he was getting his new p today, so thank you for telling me :)
V1S0R103 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014  Student Artist
Aqua-the-decepticon Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014
I have to see yesterday's episode too, so hang on I'll tell you my thoughts as I'm through with em xD
V1S0R103 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014  Student Artist
yes, yeah, but out of them both, I really like the second one, I didn't see much point to the first ep of the 2!
Aqua-the-decepticon Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014
I have just finished seeing "Let's do the Time War Again", and gotta tell ya, I can stand Skurd now. He definitely is less annoying than in the last episode and the help he provides looks cool. I really like seeing Feedback, and also Subdora...even tho I wonder if I should be offended by her accent xD we italians don't speak like that! The ones that don't know english really well speak like the guy in the rap video I sent u xD

jokes aside, I really like her.The epispde showed a cool side of Eon with his powers, and seeing older Ben's Biomitrix in action is still pretty sweet. The repeating scene over and over was a bit loopy but nothing bad
I think the ending had a pretty big point
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SparkTheShadowTiger Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014
Nastolgia Critici as Bum Review: OHHH  GOD THAT WAS THE GREATEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!.........*He holds up a change cup*CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANGE
Aqua-the-decepticon Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014
SparkTheShadowTiger Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014
Have you seen Video Game confessions?
Aqua-the-decepticon Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014
I remember seeing one of them once...
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