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DB: SonaxCanon by The-GreenGoblin

Fanarts, OCs, pretty much folders almost never updated, mixing things up...I tend to focus on current obsessions of mine.
I take commissions...But in case you can't pay me, then I'd do a request. I draw only what I know to have a possibility to turn out good...
And I don't draw somethings. To quote a few : yaoi/hentai/yuri (altho I can draw some sexiness.. XD) ; inflation ; Intense gore and some other stuff that I won't bother to list here.

Also, since I improoved (despite not posting it), I can take some writing requests/commission.

All that's posted here has been drawn by me (and when it hasn't, it is clearly stated in the description) . All the copyrighted material has stated in description the original author.


Art from friends, art about stuff I'm obsessed... No folders because I'm lazy...Yeah, those are my favorites. XD
... And if dA wouldn't have sent me the email I wouldn't even have realized ': D
heheh xD silly me. This doesn't count much, but it's my 6th year on dA on this account. Guess time goes by without notice for me... but heck it's been so for these last three months so it isn't a shocker, at least not for me.
Speaking of this, I'll soon be back to school (on September 11 probably, go figure. I can't get my Dia-ness before going uuuh ;w; ...but perhaps I can get my Bartolomeo toy. If the comic shop didn't forget about me or my order, that is. I'm going to check it out today~) , but this year it's a different story althogether : less subjects, MORE homework and different things to study (hello Greek and Latin.) , so remember how much on I used to be on here? You can probably forget it. XD in the most pessimistic way, that is. I ain't gonna disappear tho, at least not when I figured out a new method of studying to harmonize my time on school and my time on dA. Problem would be the third factor that mom's probably gonna shoehorn in my life : sport :stare:
Don't get me wrong, I get its importance and all, but the last three years of P.E. made me hate it (volleyball? HATE IT; football?HATE IT; Basketball? I got a friggen hit on my nose, what makes you think I'm reactive enough to play it?) ... but then something called 'zumba' came up. I feel that's gonna be my nightmare for this year.

ta-ta for now, offa seeking some dvds which I'll probably not buy~

  • Mood: Joy


Aqua-the-decepticon's Profile Picture
My name is Roberta, but call me Fedora or Fedo (even if no one does apparently). I'm the kind of deviant that draws a lot more than she posts, but that's simply because none of what I draw I find good enough to post yet *inferiority complexion much?*, or either I'm afraid my scanner ruins it u_u

I'm by far a good listener, and I like to rp, altho I am not always available. I like to chat with people and discuss, all in good fun :)
True enough I can be touchy and argumentative, but I always think carefuly before replying to peopl, so not to make a fool out of me. While on the whole I can be considered liek one who acts 'mature' (or so I believe), I admit I have a few immature traits, one of them being that I by now not accept critiques. It's maybe gonna change but for all the 'critic/trolling' that I've seen, I'd rather pass. Still, I accept a few suggestions now and then.

I like pairing ocs and personas with canon characters, as for me it's fun and a way to reason about things I create (it's been a long time since the last time I created an oc and posted without sufficent reasoning). If someone doesn't like ocs or this fact, I'm still open to talk to said deviant but, much like about everything, I'd rather not talk about the oc matter. This is just an example, as prt of my philosophy is this : you disagree on something? Cool, don't talk about it and move on to stuff you can agree on.
Part of said philosophy goes however for stuff that people CATEGORICALLY DISAGREE on. It would still be nice to see different points of view, then if neither of the parts can find something true in what the other said, move on to stuff on which you can agree.
I just don't like arguing, see my point? :)

Also I am kind of a 'lurker', meaning that I don't show up on other's pages (unless we count faving in) unless it's something I feel the urge to comment. And after a rather bad experience, I don't tend to show on those 'OH MY GOSH I HATE MY LIFE I'M GONNA KILL MYSELF NOBODY LOVES ME ADIOIAHIOADSHAS' journals anymore. Mostly because about 100% of the times I tried reasoning with these people I just got plainly insulted a few times, got unreasonable talking, and the next day it was ALL ok.
Actually nevermind, I know that depression is a serious problem, but I ran so much into these things URGH... I don't wanna deal with that. Personally I myself felt a little bit depressed, but heck, in those few journals I mentioned that I was more preoccupied of stating that I wasn't going to commit suicide or all of that. Suicide isn't solution to depression problem.

Onto the other stuff, I'm sarcastic, I swear a lot, I put 'XD's in my replies a lot (I take use of this opportunity to tell ya this : the XD-thing is more of a habit than anything, and while I know it symbolizes laughter, I tend to use it as a way to represent my constant smile) and, forgive how rude this is, but I'm a pussy. I mean it, I get scared at fictional shit easily. So keep horror stuff away from me!! ...and also chainletters. I can stand 'well meaning' ones, but I can't stand those others. Last time someone sent me one on whatsapp (sorta messenger for phones and tablets) I politely said that I didn't want those and what I got back? "GO TO A CLINIC/ASYLUM" (in italian it's "Ricoverati!", it all depends on how you see it), after I insisted for the second time I didn't want it, since the person's first reply was 'Geesh it's just a chainletter what's the prob?" . So yeah, keep those away from me.

Despite being straight, I like yuri. I think it was just because of the overdose of yaoi (which is SO everywhere my body can't take it anymore.--DISCLAIMER : I don't like yaoi. I won't say 'hate it' because it's a strong word. BUT even so I have nothing against gay people or people who like yaoi. Just...keep it away from me, as I already avoid it as much as I can...) that I went to it's opposite extreme.

I am fluent in italian (duh, it's my native language! XD) and we could say that I'm almost equivalently good in english (...only a little problem with some verbs. Just a little one). I can speak a little spanish, know just a few words in japanese (bu beware, I have a travel dictionary of japanese in my room! I can ask where alitalia is! ... and also where my mother/father/brother/grandma/granpa are. ) and I'm gonna lean latin and greek (ancient greek. Go liceo XD) :3

I hate creepypasta but not all of the fans by NintendoFan2468: and now that I got this out of the way, that's about it from me :) Have fun!

ID by :iconlunaezomi:



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V1S0R103 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Artist
sis, you need to hear this, i was just drawing minding my own business when i ran into a song that put let it go to shame! I GET GOOSEBUMPS EVERYTIME I HEAR IT!!…
Aqua-the-decepticon Featured By Owner 3 days ago
You're right! I love this one <3 thanks for sharing!
V1S0R103 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Artist
YOU THINK THAT'S GOOD, listen to this awesome song, and i keep telling myself "if kilswitch were to have a voice actor, i want him to be like that guy, with so much ferocity!!!!"…
Aqua-the-decepticon Featured By Owner 3 days ago
This one is pretty cool too :) If Kill Switch had this voice I'd just go crazy for him XD
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transformersfan999 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Hey sis i was wondering, do you wanna do a RP with Blitzwing?

It's been a while since i have do an RP (And my tumblr is just re-blogged pictures of Blitzwing) 
Aqua-the-decepticon Featured By Owner 5 days ago
We'll see, but first I have to exahust my current fangirl outburst, kay? XD
transformersfan999 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Haha alright let me know when you are ready
V1S0R103 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Artist
HAHAHAH sis, i just keep thinking of growl and dragonfire in the song XDDD…
Aqua-the-decepticon Featured By Owner 6 days ago
'Prince Alì'? Wanna know the funny thing? I've been listening to 'a whole new world' the whole morning! XD
XD I love that song XDD Altho I'm not sure who in it is supposed to be Growl and who's supposed to be Dragonfire, but that's jsut the fun of the song I guess XD
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